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Finalist in ANCA Tool of the Year Competition 2021

Back in 2021 Renovo took the big decision to enter the globally recognised tool of the year competition hosted by ANCA

This competition put us in the same discussion as people who have been in this industry since carbide was first being cemented together.

Renovo back story We were told we couldn’t start, it’s not possible, we bought our first machine without knowing how to turn it on - we were lucky enough to be trained by the only remaining tool and cutter grinder in the NE before he retired 1 year later, we started with just a kettle and an idea, isn’t that how most proper British engineering stories started! We think so. 2 years later, we were entering one of the worlds biggest tooling competitions. The competition was judged 50% on the complexity, accuracy and surface finish and 50% on how many likes your post can obtain globally.

We were one of only a few companied who were selected as finalists, and although we have grown substantially since this point it is still and achievement we are hugely proud of.

We’re really happy with the tool we have ground, have you even seen two planes refuelling in mid air? This tool cuts the form which allows the perfect seal to form at 35,000 feet in the air when fuel is injected under massive pressure, it’s actually 5 tools not one, and most definitely the hardest and most complicated thing we have ever ground.

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