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Our Key Offerings

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Renovo ReNew

Why buy New when you can ReNew?

The draw back with regrinding and coating (ReNew) cutting tools has always been turn around. We operate in a heavily sub contract environment, next day and even same day - is no longer good enough. We have invested in the latest technology to offer your company same hour turn-around on regrinding of your high performance tooling. ​

With geometry licences of blue chip OEM's we can take your worn or damaged tooling to like new condition at a fraction of the price new. We partner with the largest coating plant in Europe to coat your tooling with the newest coating technology on the market. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of coating on various sub-micron grades of tungsten carbide. ​

We offer free collection and delivery and work with strategic partners in various regions of the UK. The commercial savings can be anywhere up to 80% over new and the same tool can often be ReNew'd from 5 to 10 times.​

Better yet, did we mention we will stock your ReNew'd Tooling on our shelf, ground, coated and ready for you to call off? Interested?


You should be. 

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Renovo ReThink

Special is the new standard

You once swallowed and shuck your head when you found a detail on a drawing which couldn't be achieved with a standard tool on a Friday afternoon when the job was due for delivery on Monday. You can now pick up the phone to get the tool required, in the time required.


Renovo has Invested in the latest Linear drive CNC cutting tool manufacturing technology to take a component drawing, model and manufacture in hours instead of weeks. Renovo has 55 years of Tool & Cutter Manufacturing experience with an additional 25 Years of ANCA CIM & production knowledge. 


Even the most complicated Aero Space Furr Tree tools are now a standard production tool for us at Renovo. We often stock "special" tools on the shelf, so you no longer even have to wait for production time. ​​​​

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Renovo ReManufacture

Precision Tool Refurbishment and Reclamation

As services haven't been easily useable before Renovo, many engineering companies are operating in a throw away culture. 

Lightly damaged tool holders are being thrown out and new ones ordered at an incredible cost. We have implemented a sustainable program where Renovo will collect damaged holders, return them to new condition and return them to you at a fraction of the cost new. Think, before Throw. 

The commercial savings can be anywhere up to 70% of a new tool holder. Not to mention if you have a semi or fully special tool holder which is no longer in production.

We reverse engineer tool holders and can offer any OEM insert to be put into the pocket allowing your company the ultimate flexibility.

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Renovo ReInvest

Highest Performance Tooling

Tungsten Carbide is the most commonly used product in our industry, what makes products High Performance?

Your Production times are important, after all, time is money.​ There are 3 things which comprise a high performance tool:


1. Raw material - you must use the best quality sub micron grain carbide, we do.​

2. Coating must be applicable to your application, we know. 

3. Production of the tool its self, CNC Linear drive is the only method we use. 


Renovo Solutions prides its self in working with ONLY the leading OEM's in: Rod, coating, equipment & machines and invests in employees and training to ensure our tools are the best you can get. 


Did we mention you can be involved in design of your own tooling for your own applications? Nobody knows your jobs like you, yet you look through catalogues buying tooling which someone else has designed. Making the tool kind-of fit the job. it'll do. 


Why not work with our design team on your own standard tooling?


Interested? Its not a surprise, we asked industry what they wanted and this is what come out of the research.


Thought leadership provokes interest. 

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Renovo ReAnalyse

Our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight

The worlds most valuable resource is no longer oil, it is data. 

We have caught the attention of the largest blue chip manufacturing companies who once thought they were data & spend efficient.


We work with you not for you, identifying multiple area's of saving, some you may not have thought possible. Our skills are underpinned with years of industry, product and data analysis knowledge - directly applicable to your company. 

Our quantitive approach is simple yet informative. 

If you haven't spoken with us yet, you'r over spending. Without knowing. 

We use key trends in your spending analysis to provide return on investment calculations which will have you wondering, how haven't we looked at this before?

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Renovo ReCycle

We Are Reducing Your

Carbide Foot Print

Simply ReCycling tungsten carbide isn't enough! However, being involved is a good start.  

Renovo is changing how we think about Tungsten Carbide (WC) as a bi-product of our day to day production. 

Our expert back ground on what is "scrap" (we don't like the word, there's no such thing)

what is ReCyclable and what is to be ReNew'd is where we come in. 


Sustainability in your production is key, your customers and suppliers identify the need for sustainable tooling solutions. Are you taking part in our industry recognised program?


Renovo Solutions looks after every aspect - from Analysis, sorting, collecting, advice on what can be ReNew'd and what is simply to be returned to the cycle of breaking down the worn out tooling for a monetary value. 

You don't need to look anywhere else. 

They are just following. 

"If you can think it, we can design and grind it"
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