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Sustainable Industry 4.0 Tooling & Data Solutions 

Bespoke & Special Tools

Regrinding & Specialist Coating

Precision Tool Refurbishment & Reclamation

Analytics, Data, Systems and Process Development

ReCycling of Carbide Cutting Tool & Wear Parts

About Renovo

We implement sustainable Industry 4.0 Tooling & Data Solutions so that your company can operate at the most efficient level.

Our Offerings

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Master Tool Regrinding & Specialist Coating

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Bespoke Specialist Tooling

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Precision Tool Refurbishment and Reclamation

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Manufacture of High Performance Standard Tooling

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Analytics, Data, Systems and Process Development

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Analysis and Environmentally Friendly ReCycling of Carbide Cutting Tool & Wear Parts

For Sectors Including


Big shout out to Renovo Solutions for pulling us out the sh*t! After we got a bit carried away with the feed rate on some 4mm cutters we were down to 1 for the full weekend, Renovo stepped in and were grinding us a new set at 6am this morning to make sure production didn't stop.
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Dan Thompson

Operations Manager at Cobots Online

Todays tricky operation was made possible thanks to Renovo Solutions Ltd. who manufactured and dropped off the specialist tooling we needed two hours after the order was placed. It is great that we have the backing of an excellent network of local suppliers, that we can confidently rely upon to help us offer definitive lead times and faultless components to our customers.
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Mark Ranft

Owner of Select Works LTD

Renovo Solutions Ltd. continue to churn out some amazing work, this time getting a 300OAL 200FLUTE solid carbide 6 flute endmill from enquiry to delivery within 4 days.


Renovo Machining Partner

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Partners

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  • Do you regrind tools?
    The answer is two fold, firstly yes, but secondly - we don’t regrind tools, we ReNew them Our completely different mind set to taken worn or damaged cutting tools and bringing them back to OEM quality, often actually outperforming the new "out the box tools", and savings of up to 70% over new is a core offering of Renovo. We estimate we have saved NE manufactures over £1M by using our ReNew service in less than 3 years.
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