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Master Tool Regrinding & Specialist Coating

Why buy New when you can ReNew... 

The draw back with regrinding and coating (ReNew) cutting tools has always been turn around... 

We operate in a heavily sub contract environment, next day and even same day - is no longer good enough. We have invested in the latest technology to offer your company same hour turn-around on regrinding of your high performance tooling. 

With geometry licences of blue chip OEM's we can take your worn or damaged tooling to like new condition at a fraction of the price new. 

We partner with the largest coating plant in Europe to coat your tooling with the newest coating technology on the market. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of coating on various sub-micron grades of tungsten carbide. 

We offer free collection and delivery and work with strategic partners in various regions of the Uk.

The commercial savings can be anywhere up to 80% over new and the same tool can often be ReNew'd from 5 to 10 times.

Better yet, did we mention we will stock your ReNew'd Tooling on our shelf, ground, coated and ready for you to call off?


Interested? you should be.