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Manufacture of High Performance Standard Tooling

Highest Performance Tooling

Tungsten Carbide is the most commonly used product in our industry, what makes products High Performance?

Your Production times are important, after all, time is money.

There are 3 things which comprise a high performance tool:


1. Raw material - you must use the best quality sub micron grain carbide, we do.

2. Coating must be applicable to your application, we know. 


3. Production of the tool its self, CNC Linear drive is the only method we use. 


Renovo Solutions prides its self in working with ONLY the leading OEM's in: Rod, coating, equipment & machines and invests in employees and training to ensure our tools are the best you can get. 


Did we mention you can be involved in design of your own tooling for your own applications? 

  Nobody knows your jobs like you, yet you look through catalogues buying tooling which someone else has designed. Making the tool kind-of fit the job. it'l do. 


Why not work with our design team on your own standard tooling?


Interested? Its not a surprise, we asked industry what they wanted and this is what come out of the research.


Thought leadership provokes interest.