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Analysis and Environmentally Friendly ReCycling of Carbide Cutting Tool & Wear Parts

We Are Reducing Your

Carbide Foot Print... 

Simply ReCycling tungsten carbide isn't enough.


Actually being involved is a good start though.  

Renovo is changing how we think about Tungsten Carbide (WC) as a bi-product of our day to day production. 

Our expert back ground on what is "scrap" (we don't like the word, there's no such thing)

what is ReCyclable and what is to be ReNew'd is where we come in. 


Sustainability in your production is key, your customers and suppliers identify the need for sustainable tooling solutions. Are you taking part in our industry recognised program?


Renovo Solutions looks after every aspect - from Analysis, sorting, collecting, advice on what can be ReNew'd and what is simply to be returned to the cycle of breaking down the worn out tooling for a monetary value. 

You don't need to look anywhere else. 

They are just following.